Rearsby Parish Council

Serving the people of Rearsby

Rearsby Mill

Clerk: Sue Norledge
12 Orton Close, Rearsby
Leicester LE7 4XZ

Tel: 01664 424009

Who we are & what we do

A Parish Council is a civil local authority and is the lowest tier of local government. They are an elected body and have tax raising powers. In Rearsby, the Parish Council is responsible for the Children's play area on Brookside and the playing fields at the back of the Village Hall. Over the past few years the Council have undertaken numerous projects, including the redevelopment of the children's play area, the provision of bus shelters, the purchase of the a vehicle activated sign and producing a Neighbourhood Plan.

The Council meets on the first Thursday of every month. Meetings take place at 7.30 pm in the village hall on Melton Road, Rearsby.


Parish Clerk